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Quality Guarantee and After-sale Service
▲ Comprehensive quality assurance system has been established for boiler and pressure vessel in our company.Therefore quality control has covered materials purchase, products delivery through after-sale service.
▲ We provide fast and satisfactory services:
Provide technical consultations to customers
Provide technical documents as required. Deliver products on schedule.
Provide instructions on installation and operation, free training, commissioning and spare parts at preferential prices.
▲ Quality guarantee is 12 months. Service life of autoclave main body is normally 15 years or longer.
▲ The following measures are to be taken for any specific poject of customer:
Project team is responsible for design, manufacture process, materials, fabrication, inspection, sale and service.
Products are manufactured according to manufacturing schedule, technical drawings, processes and standards. The good quality is assured through separate inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection.
Our Customers are allowed to monitor manufacture process in our workshop.
After products are delivered on the installation site, our staff will provide on-site instructions on installation, operating training and commissioning.
Our company can help customers with annual inspection of our products, solving any problems
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